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晁直【 asanao 】 葉月【 hadzuki 】 玲央【 reo 】 悠介【 yuusuke 】 明徳【 akinori 】

Welcome to the livejournal community for the nagoya-based band, lynch.! All discussion concerning lynch. & its members [support included] is welcome. The rules are: 1) stay on topic, 2) please do not request media such as CD/DVD rips. we allow rips of sold-in-shop CDs/DVDs however we ask that you post only a few tracks as samples. comment videos, etc are an exception as they're not so easily purchased.

INFERIORITY COMPLEX - new album - delayed to 2012/06/27
THE FATAL EXPERIENCE - tour - begins 2012/07/06

monster barker [former lynch. blog translations]
freaks showcase [kein, deadman, gullet related community]
CHAOS [deathgaze related community]
quarter life [official lynch. fanlisting]
lynch.xooit.fr [lynch. forum (multilangual)]


-273.15, 59., a flare, a gleam in eye, adore, akinori, all-this-i'll-give-to-you, ambivalent ideal, an illusion, anemone, anima, asanao, before you know it, berry, cultic my execution, dazzle, deadman, deathgaze, devi, discord number, dizzy, doze, ecdysis, enemy, evilly, experience, forgiven, from the end, frozen, greedy dead souls, gullet, hadzuki, hazuki, hikaru, hybrid-zombiez, i believe in me, i'm-sick-b'cuz-luv-u., i-don't-know-where-i-am, inferiority complex, judgement, junji, kein, kusse, last nite, liberation chord, lie, lustair, lynch, lynch., marginal works, marrow, maze, mirrors, moment, new psycho paralyze, official bootleg, official bootleg 2, prominence, pulse_, quarter life, reo, rew, risk, roaring in the dark, scarlet, shadows, shadowz, sicstar, sleepy flow, starz, stuck pain, the avoided sun, the blasted back bone, the buried, the shadow impulse, the truth is inside, the universe, the-fatal-hour-has-come, theia, they're all afraid, this coma, tiamat, underneath the skin, unknown lost a beauty, vaam, vernie, vizell, yukino, yuusuke, ゆきの, らせん, ジュンジ, ヒカル, ベリィ, ポリス, ラティンメリア, 悠介, 明徳, 晁直, 玲央, 矛盾と空, 葉月

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